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toothpaste_making _plant
Water Treatment Plant
toothpaste_making _plant
Processing Reactors
toothpaste_making _plant
Processing Reactors
toothpaste_making _plant
Packaging Machine
Steam Generating Boiler
Steam Generating Boiler

Toothpaste Making Plant

Our toothpaste manufacturing plant is a advanced processing technology offers consistently high product quality, shorter batch cycles, minimal operating costs, low space requirements and simple operation. The principal applications for the system are divided in mainly following process :

» Water treatment plant
» Toothpaste making plant
» Toothpaste transfer pump
» Toothpaste batch storage tank
» Packaging machine.
» Steam boiler.


Water treatment plant :

This plant is used for production of RO/DM water. Treated water is used for making toothpaste.


Toothpaste making plant :

This plant having two different processes. First process is raw-material melting and second is mixing. These vessels have capability of the complete untouched process plant, is right from transfer of mixing of raw materials to delivery of finished product to toothpaste holding tank by special pump. Vessels are re-burst constructed and designed for saving of precious batch processing time, Lower maintenance cost etc. The entire plant is designed to be operated by one operator and one helper, thereby saving precious manpower costs. Vessel is made from stainless steel (where paste is touched) and with special type end. Vessels have a specially designed agitator which rotates by reduction gear box unit and electric motor.


Toothpaste transfer pump :

This is specially designed pump made from stainless steel for transfer of finished toothpaste from processing vessel to batch holding tank.


Toothpaste batch storage tank :

This is a heavily constructed stainless steel batch holding tank for storage of finished toothpaste. Paste is transferred for packing from here.


Toothpaste filling machine :

Toothpaste can be filled in tubes. Different packing machines are available for filling of toothpaste in tubes. This is as per buyer's choice.


Working platform :

Working platform with staircase and railing is provided in plant.


Stem boiler :

Steam boiler is used for generating steam from water. Steam is used for heating of raw-materials during process.

















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